Inside Lacanche

Inside Lacanche

Last year I had the amazing opportunity of visiting the Lacanche, a factory based in the heart of the Burgundian countryside in France.

One of the first things you approach from the entrance of the factory is a huge Spiertz 900 ton press. This die presses sheet metal to make the range paneling.

Moving through the factory you notice how many people are involved in it’s production. From welding individual components such as the feet, to assembling the doors it truly is a hand made product.

As you can imagine there are hundreds of components in every range. The factory organisation and production flow is second to none.

Before any range is approved for dispatch it receives a final quality control check for both performance and aesthetics.

It would be wrong to visit France and not have a taste of their fine wine! We were kindly taken to Domaine Bachelet Vincent in the heart of the vineyards of Chassagne-Montrachet.

Just before leaving we were taken around the original foundry which showcases the first ever Lacanche and their current product range.

For detailed information regarding Lacanche range cookers then please follow this link.

I want to say a huge thank you to the whole Lacanche team. To Jean Jacques for his fantastic hospitality and to Steven, Candice & Adam for making the trip possible.

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