Reclaimed Rustic

Reclaimed Rustic

Set in a rural village surrounded by trees, amid the tranquil sounds of nature you can hear a slight hum of our machinery; this is where our creative process begins. It’s been 38 years since we started restoring the old to the new, from doors to old meat stores everything has been carefully brought back to life from our rural Yorkshire workshop.

Wood has been our inspiration and we believe every piece of timber we source and retrieve has a unique story. Whether it’s been keeping the secrets of Pinewood Studios, racing across Belgium in an old train carriage or holding the sounds and bustle of textile mills, the natural beauty of wood speaks to us. Bespoke design is what we pride ourselves on and never having the same piece of timber is what makes us special. We can take 100 year old products and engineer them to suit everybody’s taste and style of home or place of work.

Engineering original wood for flooring, wall cladding, kitchens, bed heads or individual tailored pieces of furniture is one of our prized skills. We want our clients to choose the image that speaks to them, so we can then retain every piece of history this wonderful natural product holds. No piece of wood is identical, no kitchen the same. So, whether you’re after a sleek kitchen with a hint of the outdoors or a real design statement using fitted, reclaimed wood, we can make the kitchen for you!

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  • Making the most of all available space, these bespoke integrated bookshelves provide the perfect place for the homeowner’s extensive collection of cookbooks!
  • Tucked into the corner, rich natural wood cupboard doors conceal the morning coffee station with the collection of mugs, boxes of flavoured teas and all-important coffee machine all neatly hidden away to keep the worktops clear.
  • Complementing the classic country style of the rest of the kitchen, we love the traditional farmhouse taps in our latest project, Oxford!
  • Featuring handy extra storage and worktop space, adding an island to your kitchen provides the ultimate spot for both cooking and entertaining.
  • We’re celebrating the end of the week with fresh, seasonal greens and a generous slice of goat’s cheese for a taste of summer! Image: Pinterest
  • Introducing our latest project – Oxford! Taking inspiration from the traditional country kitchen, the Oxford project explores classic Shaker style in a relaxed colour palette.
  • It’s all in the detail. From brass to polished chrome, the handles of your cabinetry provide the final touch to complete your dream kitchen vision.
  • A classic painted finish to your cabinets can add a sophisticated and unique edge when combined with hints of reclaimed wood and statement stainless steel.
  • How about a mid-week treat of blackcurrants with caramel ice cream? Recipe from @mkarstad
  • We're delighted to unveil our brand new brochure featuring all our latest kitchen designs, head over to our website to request a copy for yourself.

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