The Forager’s Delight

The Forager’s Delight: Five of the best foraging finds in the English countryside

In years gone by, foraging was a daily pleasure undertaken by the countryside folk to find those forgotten jewels hidden in hedgerows and buried beneath trees. Here at The Main Company our love of nature honours a similar principle, using rustic wood surfaces full of authentic character we also aim to embrace the beauty that the natural world has to offer. Bringing such a sweet reward with buckets of fresh and seasonal produce, we’re keen to explore the often forgotten pastime of foraging once again.

So, with basket in hand, read on to discover five of the best foraging finds within the vast English Countryside…

Plums! Beautifully succulent and bursting with flavour, these delicious pieces of fruit are renowned for their sunset or deep violet hues and sweet flavour, though happen to be seriously underrated! Why not try your hand at making this delicious plum crumble cake!


From wild woodland to sweeping landscapes, the English countryside offers us a bountiful supply of mushrooms. With its peppery, slightly fruity taste, the Chanterelle is a fantastic variety available in August. Cook with a little butter and a sprinkle of salt and you’ll be in for a treat! When picking mushrooms fresh from the earth, be sure to consult an expert.

Blackberries are the forager’s staple. Beautifully sweet and deliciously fresh, blackberry picking gets the little ones out of the house and in touch with nature! Fantastically rewarding, blackberries are incredibly versatile, why not try this blackberry tart? 


Found in and amongst the most ordinary of hedgerows, elderflower is a fantastic find when foraging. With its fragile white flowers and tiny berries, elderflower gives off an incredible smell and an even better taste! Create your own cordial or add to cakes and bakes, but always cook it first! For more elderflower inspiration, try this lemon and elderflower drizzle cake!


The last of our foraging finds are hazelnuts! Found in woodland up and down the country, and enjoyed by animals and adults alike, they can be eaten either green or brown!

Credits: Mimi Thorisson, Kitchen Confidante, Cannelle Vanille, Dagmars Kitchen, Daisy and the Fox, Saveur.

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