The Good Life

The Good Life

One of the main trends in the foodie world for 2017 looks at making a considered effort to eat healthy, homegrown food. With the practice of a healthy lifestyle becoming ever stronger, fresh produce and natural ingredients are becoming far more important to health-conscious consumers. The appearance of fresh vegetables and greenery is perfectly partnered with natural reclaimed wood work surfaces, bringing the earthiness of the outdoors into the modern kitchen.

The idea of the kitchen garden has returned in a big way with more people dedicating their weekends to spending quality time in the garden growing their own vegetables. The feeds of Instagram are flooded with beautiful images of homegrown beetroot, courgettes and lettuces. Visiting the farmers market is no longer a once a month occurrence, instead people are choosing to buy local produce to support sustainable living.

Made from salvaged and reclaimed materials in North Yorkshire, our kitchens support this aim and are perfect for bringing the outside into your home. Incorporating both traditional and modern design, our bespoke kitchens can be truly customized whether you’d like to add concrete and chrome fittings for a modern feel, or opt for natural oak wood for a more rustic look.

Credits: Andrew Montgomery, House and Garden

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  • Time to master the savoury soufflé! How great would these copper pans look in your Main Company kitchen?! Image @thecooksatelier
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  • It’s Monday! What have you got cooking this week?! #maincompanykitchen #monday #mondayfun #cooking #breakfast
  • Straight from the greenhouse. Partnering up with the dill ready to be pickled #kitchen #worktop #stainlessteel #pickling  #homegrown
  • Make a display of your lovingly aged breadboards to give your kitchen real personality and pick up Scandi style credentials! Image #Pinterest #maincompany #scandistyle #kitchen #kitchendisplay
  • Why stick to just the one style? Our Portobello kitchen project mixes painted units in contrasting colours with reclaimed wooden tops and sleek steel surfaces for a truly unique look! 
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  • Persistence pays off! #cladding #piano #maincompany #wallcladding #reclaimedwood #reclaimed
  • Can’t get enough of copper? Introduce it into your kitchen through the taps, lighting or even the sink for warmth and rustic luxury!
#maincompanykitchen #kitchen #interior #design
  • Nature reclaiming one back
  • Transporting ourselves to Provence with fresh figs, deliciously crumbly pastry, French cheese and sprigs of rosemary for the final flourish. Loving how these simple flavours have been styled on natural wooden boards for indulgent rustic dining!  Image #Pinterest
#alfrescodining #Provence #simpleflavours #seasonal
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