Celebrating imperfections: An introduction to rustic wood

What is rustic wood? 

Rustic wood is reclaimed, reused, natural and beautiful. We take wood from previously used timber, protecting the environment and reducing the need to cut down trees. People are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of using raw and reusable materials, and we are passionate about their sustainable and aesthetic impact. 

Cattal Street kitchen

What makes reclaimed wood particularly special here at The Main Company? 

Based in our rural Yorkshire workshop, we have restored the old to the new for the last 40 years, carefully bringing old wood back to life. 

Let’s discuss the natural appeal of wood. Immediately, wood makes us think of landscapes, scenes and memories outdoors. It is this feeling of nature and warmth that we like to incorporate in to our clients’ interiors. 

Celebrate imperfections

At the Main Company, the way in which we select and place wood in our interiors is an art in itself. The uneven lines and shades of wood contrasted with bold colours and symmetry create depth and atmosphere. Embracing Wabi-Sabi, we celebrate the imperfections wood gives us. The Japanese aesthetic Wabi-Sabi is about respecting the authenticity of natural objects and materials. From chipped wood to a cracked marblesurface, we find beauty in the imperfect.

Take the Cattal Street kitchen we designed as an example – stunning multi-tonal, reclaimed wood is juxtaposed with brushed steel kitchen units and earth-tone concrete.

As the trend of using reclaimed wood has evolved, we have enjoyed helping our clients find their inner Wabi-Sabi and bring these bespoke designs to life inside their own homes. 

These are not just materials; they are stories. They have travelled, they have worn, and they have lived many lives. Every piece of wood is different offering a distinctive quality.

Cattal Street Kitchen

For a little bit of inspiration, here are some ways you can bring beautifully crafted wood in to your home: 

Flooring – create striking interiors with natural wood floorings. 

We offer a range of wooden floors to suit your style. 

The Main Company flooring

To keep your toes warm, add some underfloor heating. We are one of only a few companies in the UK to combine reclaimed timber flooring with underfloor heating. 

Bespoke tables made from reclaimed wood – the best kind of tables for dinner parties and gatherings. A superb centrepiece to your dining room and conversation starter! 

Sliding doors – I know, so versatile! Our handcrafted barn doors create funky qualities like no other in your interior. 

Create that focal point with a feature wall.. 

Cambridge kitchen

Reclaimed wood saves the day again! How can we not mention the beautiful qualities a wall of cladding can make? A naturally distressed wall with a bit of love can become a beautiful household feature. 

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