Meet Tiago, our interior designer

Here at the Main Company we would like to begin introducing some of our team to you, our lovely followers and readers.

We have a group of designers who are extremely passionate and talented, who have helped advance the craftsmanship and style of our company. It is our designers that make every project unique, abound with individuality and innovation.

So let us begin – meet Tiago, our Portuguese interior designer.

Tiago headshot

1) Where does your passion for design come from?

Since a young age, I’ve enjoyed drawing, my love for design evolved from drawing. After three amazing years on a design course in Lisbon, exploring all aspects of design, I specialised in interior design. All my life I have focused on art and design and it seemed like the perfect area for me to apply my skills and passion for design and architecture.

Main Company
Main Company kitchen drawings

2) What do you like best about working as a designer for the Main Company?

The opportunity of being involved in everything from start to finish. It’s not just designing something, we have the workshops here which are amazing, everything is made on site – I can go and physically see how things are being done and discuss with our makers any potential new ideas or directions. That’s the thing you can’t find elsewhere, being involved in the construction of the furniture, kitchens or whatever you are doing – you are involved in the whole process which is fantastic. If any problems arise, you can rectify it based on this environment. It is so great to take care of every step in the design process and be able to communicate this with my clients.

3) What does the Main Company offer that nowhere else does?

A varied range of styles: rustic, reclaimed, unique, contemporary, country. Our limitations are your limitations… there are no limitations. 

4) Describe your favourite kind of client to work with.

People that are open to ideas. It’s about finding a balance between what they want, what you want, what they can have and what you can give them. Being achievable and realistic, and having the freedom to fit their needs the best way possible. That way, you can bring your personal touch to it. You always find a balance, which results in making a beautiful kitchen design within their budget. What matters most is that the job is done properly. 

5) Do you have any interesting stories whilst working with various clients?

My first ever site visit in February… a couple visited the showroom and they lived nearby so I offered to come and have a look at their kitchen. They were a really nice couple to work with who made my first site visit an absolute pleasure, and they were super happy with the end result. The gentleman had worked in Portugal before and absolutely loved the culture there, so on my last visit to their home I gave them a bottle of Portuguese wine.

6) What is your favourite style of kitchen?

Contemporary, a mix of raw materials with a bit more of a modern edge to it. Not too much of one thing, raw, reclaimed and new materials combined, but not too many materials – concrete, painted units, reclaimed wood, brass.

Main Company kitchen
Image credit: Anita Robinson photography

7) What do you think is integral to a successful kitchen design?

Things that work, it depends from customer to customer. What is good for some people is tailored to each customer’s needs in accordance to their requirements. You need to make sure you meet that brief and that the client is going to be happy with the result. Be practical with some nice touches to the design, not losing the practicality of it. Make sure you meet what they expect from you and make sure everything works together.

It’s always important to understand how the client cooks, how they prepare their food, where they would like to store food and where they want to cook. That way I can work out how everything will work together for them, to create the perfect kitchen.

8) Which Is your favourite material to use when designing a kitchen?

Oooh, that’s a hard one because you might have a favourite material but it doesn’t go with a certain style of kitchen you are designing. So I would have to say reclaimed timber, it is a natural element that looks great with everything. 

Moor Monkton Barn Kitchen

9) What style or change do you think you have brought to the Main Company?

I saw this company and thought – that’s what I want to do! I love it. So I wouldn’t say I’ve brought any new styles because they already have such a great contemporary vibe.

I believe my style of working is what I have contributed to the company – initially I sketch to ideate ideas, rather than jumping straight onto a computer programme. With pen and paper you have something that you don’t have on a screen. This hand drawn quality is where you show your customer that you are actually designing their kitchen, adding to that handmade quality. Our designs are handmade projects from start to finish, so this emphasises that process. And of course, I love drawing.

Main Company kitchen drawings

10) How do you judge the success of a project?

At the end of the day, it’s the customer being happy.

Main Company staff

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