New or Reclaimed Flooring?

And what’s the difference?

You’d be surprised at how many times we get asked this question. The easiest thing to do is look at the characteristics of each group. We’ve separated new and reclaimed flooring analysing their size, appearance, availability, durability, and price. 

Please bear in mind that we have based this comparison on engineered flooring.

Reclaimed Flooring


Due to the nature of a reclaimed product, unless stated, all our reclaimed flooring have random widths. 

Reclaimed flooring usually has shorter lengths and narrower widths than new. They are approximately 1600mm long and 155mm wide (average widths range from 100mm – 240mm and lengths from 500mm to 2450mm).


Reclaimed engineered pine floor boards

In general, reclaimed flooring has a rustic and unfinished look. Many of the boards have original features such as cracks, nail holes, and shakes emphasising this rustic appearance.

As our timber products have been sourced from various locations it means they age in their own unique way. There will be tonal differences both batch to batch and throughout the same product. This ensures you get an original look, with no two planks the same. 


Reclaimed timber stacked up ready for process

Many of our reclaimed flooring products have very limited quantities. If there’s a product you like, our best advice is to act quickly. Once a product has sold out it cannot be reproduced.


Many of the reclaimed materials we use to produce our flooring are from old mills and agricultural barns. Their original application was to last a lifetime, which is why reclaimed timber is often harder than new, like for like. Reclaimed flooring is already weathered, any additional marks and scuffs it gains over the years actually improves the look of the timber. This keeps reclaimed flooring relatively maintenance free.


Due to the complexity of manufacture in general reclaimed flooring is more expensive that new. 

New Flooring


When selecting a new flooring product you have many options at your disposal. You are able to select the width of floor, or random width if you prefer or more original look. This flexibly in choice is great – If you love the look of a wide board, you can order the widest available. 

With new floor boards wider widths and lengths are available than reclaimed. You’re able to get 180mm – 280mm wide boards with lengths of 400mm – 2450mm (average above 2000mm). It is also possible to get extra long lengths of 2950mm (average being 2500mm) if your project requires it. 


Natural white oak floorboards

New flooring in general has a more contemporary look. This is largely due to the timber having a consistent base colour with a less rustic appearance. We’re able to manufacture the same boards and finish differently to refine a certain look.

We also have the capacity to make bespoke finishes if you feel there’s something missing in our product range or you’re trying to match a previous board.


If you select new flooring to be the product for you it’s not only readily available, it’s also repeatable if future projects require more. 


Clean french oak flooring with leather barstools

The majority new flooring is French oak and sourced from managed forests where replanting and the environment impact are key to the operation. French oak has a beautiful depth of colour and character as well being very hardwearing. The top coat finish adds to the durability of any floor as long as this is cleaned and maintained the floor will  look as good as new for many years to come. 


There’s a large price range with new flooring but in general it’s less expensive than reclaimed. It all depends on how the floor has been manufactured. In simple terms the more processes the floor has gone through, the more expensive it is.

Shadow cast on original pine dresser

We hope this has been useful to analyse which product is right for you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the flooring department on or call 01423 330451.

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