The most desired Main Company kitchens of 2019

Happy New Year!! We hope 2020 brings you lots of happiness. This January we have been reflecting on our 2019 and the fantastic projects we delivered. We love what we do here and feel very lucky to charm your homes with the Main Company’s bespoke style and kitchens. It is so interesting to see what was most highly rated and viewed by our followers and online audience. With today’s intelligent social media platforms, especially Instagram and other online tools we can see the reaction to our projects. It is so lovely to be able to share our stories and projects with our audience, we post on our social networks almost every day. It is so great to receive feedback and hear your thoughts and opinions. So today we are sharing our most viewed bespoke kitchen projects and our most loved Instagram posts! 

So which of our bespoke kitchen projects have you had your eyes on the most in 2019? The top 3, beginning with number 3 are: 

Our top 3 website page views from 1st January 19 – 31st December 19

3. The Oxford kitchen

With 1500 views our Oxford kitchen has made it to the three most desired Main Company kitchens of 2019. 

Oxford bespoke kitchen

Taking inspiration from the traditional country kitchen, the Oxford project explores classic Shaker style in a relaxed colour palette. We love the central island in this bespoke kitchen – the ideal spot for breakfast or a speedy family dinner.

View more of our Oxford project here.

2. The Wighill kitchen

And in second place with 1882 views for this stunning Yorkshire farmhouse – Wighill. Proof that our shaker cupboards are timeless! 

This shaker-style cabinetry is combined with a combination of materials; industrial handles, stainless steel and engineered reclaimed oak. Making it a beautiful, functional bespoke kitchen that is full of charm and character. We love how this kitchen has no wall cupboards – just open rustic shelving, an ideal choice to match the laid-back feeling our client wished for. 

View more of our Wighill project here.

1. The Weybridge kitchen

With almost 4000 views, the most viewed project is Weybridge!

It is so fabulous to see that this project has been a popular one and it’s not surprising! Who doesn’t love a country classic? This cabinetry is painted in the lovely dusky olive tones of Little Greene’s ‘Grey Moss’ paint colour, combined with the subtle light quartzite worktop. 

From reclaimed wood to quartzite work surfaces and hints of brass, the colours and textures of our Weybridge kitchen work together to create a country kitchen with a fresh, contemporary feel. Any kitchen deserves a central island where everyone can gather during the day to cook, eat, socialise or take a well-earned coffee break!

There are lots more photos of this gorgeous country kitchen here.

Now this one is interesting, it’s always so much fun to see which posts we get the best reaction on from our Instagram feed and it’s very pleasing to feel the love when we receive so many lovely comments! If you aren’t already following us and would like to keep up with our latest projects you can follow us here – The Main Company, Instagram.

So, which of our projects have received the best reaction and are most desired on Instagram in 2019? 

We’ve chosen to show the top 5 for these as they’re all so great! Starting from 5 we have:

5. The Cornwall kitchen worktop

With 491 likes our Cornwall aged-copper top was an absolute hit!

Cornwall aged-copper worktop
Cornwall aged-copper worktop and Waterworks tap

Not even a full kitchen view, the aged-copper worktop to our Cornwall Project looks simply stunning in these photos – see more here! We have a feeling these Waterworks taps went down well too – they really do add that extra wow factor to this bespoke copper island. 

4. The Cattal bedroom reclaimed flooring

With 493 likes we have our reclaimed wooden flooring in the bedroom to our Cattal renovation project.

It is so great to see one of our bespoke floorings receive such a response! This dark reclaimed flooring really emphasises the relaxed style of this gorgeous rustic bedroom. 

Looking for a similar flooring for your home? View more of our flooring options here.

3. The Barnes kitchen

One of our recent completed bespoke kitchens is our Barnes project, with 529 likes we can be rest assured that this stunning dark emerald green is loved!

Raw ply painted kitchen unit

This project showcases a contemporary Scandi vibe, with a retro twist! We LOVE it. The raw ply cabinets with cut out handles look so sleek and modern. 

You can view more of this alternative bespoke kitchen here.

2. The Cattal kitchen

In second place on our Instagram feed is our Cattal kitchen with 561 likes!! 

Bespoke kitchen concrete floor with concrete island end and reclaimed oak wood breakfast bar

Featuring a reclaimed engineered pine wood finish of Oldham Mill Board, solid oak drawer boxes and lacquered birch plywood carcases. This kitchen really has The Main Company stamp – a highly individual bespoke kitchen, full of personality and unique style. This project abounds with our craftsmanship and organic design, using the best new, salvaged and reclaimed materials. It is amazing to see that this has been reflected in the response to this photo of our Cattal kitchen. 

1. The Nun Monkton bathroom

Here it is, number one on instagram for 2019 is… The Nun Monkton project’s bathroom! 668 likes, amazing! A barn we renovated, featuring our parquet flooring and vanity unit. 

The herringbone pattern parquet is a classic pattern and has to be one of our favourites. 

View more of our flooring options here.

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