Trend: Reclaimed Materials

Trend: Reclaimed Materials

The use of reclaimed, vintage and antique materials has become a popular choice when remodelling a kitchen and updating the home. Due to the popularity of using such materials, homeowners look for new ways to create a unique and individual interior.

With the world increasingly taking an interest in protecting the environment, The Main Company does its part by trying to use reclaimed materials wherever possible. The use of reclaimed wood and copper are just a couple of the materials The Main Company chooses to create its truly bespoke kitchens.

The trend for raw materials has never been more in demand. Along with being eco-friendly, these materials are also admired for their attractiveness and statement-making appeal. No piece of reclaimed wood is ever the same, which allows homeowners to choose a unique selection of materials for their kitchen, which will look different to any other.

Floorboards and countertops are particularly well suited to those looking to incorporate reusable materials into their scheme. Reclaimed materials are made to last and considering the amount of footfall floorboards must contend with, it seems like a no-brainer to use it for this purpose. Likewise, installing a recycled countertop will be hardwearing against any potential knife marks and scratches.

Using reclaimed, chunky pieces of wood and mixing pops of copper throughout has been a popular trend recently. Choosing clean copper accents for shelving, cupboard and drawer handles, as well as breakfast bar stools, will be the perfect complement to the uneven lines of the reclaimed wood.

The Bath kitchen project is a perfect example of how to integrate reclaimed materials into your kitchen. The Main Company ensured the kitchen was entirely bespoke, using solid wood interiors for its curved and linear doors, worktop, mantle, and door and drawer fronts, all in an eye-catching wagon board reclaimed timber.

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